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For Santiago Vanegas Motto of Habitat Developments, the greatest success of 2011 didn't take place in the office.

"Principally, it's having been able to coordinate an equilibrium between enjoying time with my family and with my team at work," he says. Not that Vanegas Motta hasn't enjoyed plenty of work-related accomplishments in recent years, including an award from the City of Miami Beach for "BestRenovation". "The secret is to enjoy what you do," he says. At the company's latest development, Habitat Miami, Vanegas Motto has gone beyond traditional property sales, additionally offering both long­term and short-term rentals. It's a strategy he recommends to those trying to make decisions about their property. "Real estate is a long-term investment," he says."Always analyze 'Plan B' — which is not a sale. Keep it and rent toy'

Words to Live By: "Security and health for my family."

InsideScoop: Buyers: "Think about the long­term view — which in this climate might mean trying to rent it fast!"

InsideScoop: Sellers: "Take some time to think about what you'll do with the money you make when you sell."

Predictions for2012: "The inventory is going to be reduced — and when supply gets low, expect prices to go up."