eb-5 visa

The EB-5 Visa is the best option to obtain permanent residence in the US for you and your family

Invest & Live in the
United States

We’re currently offering opportunities to receive an EB-5 Visa by investing in our properties. Our investment requirement is $1,050,000 USD.

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INVESTMENT REQUIRED: USD$1,050,000 per investor, including immediate family.



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– $1,050,000 investment in an approved EB-5 project/business in the U.S.

– Have no criminal record or immigration violations.

– Investment capital must be from a legal source, acquired directly or indirectly by lawful means.

– The investment must be “at risk.”

Process and timeline for the federal EB-5 Visa program

start -week 1

Presentation of Federal EB-5 Program

phase 1
month 1

1. Investor chooses an EB-5 Project
2. Interview with the EB-5 Immigration Lawyer to determine the viability of the case

phase 2
month 2

3. Verification of the origin of funds
4. Transfer of funds to the Escrow Account
5. Submit application for American Residency (form 1-526) to USCIS

phase 3
month 18 to 24

6. Green Card approval for the investor and his/her family (Conditional Permanent Residency)

phase 4
month 24 to 48

7. Preparation and filing of the I-829 petition with USCIS to remove the Green Card conditions and obtain Unconditional Permanent Residency

phase 5
month 60+

8. Return of initial capital invested

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