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At Habitat Group, we create, develop and manage real estate investments in Miami, FL

What We Do

We are a passionate team devoted to the development of the real estate market in Miami. We are inspired by providing our investors the knowledge and expertise to carry out real estate business transactions in Miami. We want to share with them the return generated by professional, strategic and innovative investments.

1. Analize the Real Estate Market

Our team is made up of real estate analysts and specialists backed by 20 years of expertise in the Brickell & Little Havana market. We know the prices, cycles, supply, zoning & market conditions. We detect new and innovative investment opportunities. Our experience allows us to select the precise moment to add hotels, offices, residential and commercial buildings to our investment portfolio. We then perform the due diligence and negotiate the final transaction.

2. Aquisition Strategy

Habitat Group administrates the entire structuring process of each project, both legal and financial.

We work with our legal team to incorporate a company for this new acquisition and financial institutions to present this new investment option to our select group of investors.

3. Product Definition

Habitat’s team is responsible for the product definition of each project, including concept and branding, targeted towards creating sellable brands. We perform a competitive analysis in the market in order to create competitive pricing and achieve investment optimization. We then use our marketing strategies to market the projects through our media relations, as we ll as our pool of investors, and perform both social media management and public relations.

4. Development

Our team of architects and general contractors are present through all the stages of the development process, whether it be new construction, remodeling or adaptation of projects. We then perform city approvals, permitting, inspections, licenses, and all the processes needed for project development.

5. Management and Operation

In order to generate successful operational returns, Habitat Group is involved in the day-to-day management and operations of its projects. Habitat Management handles the property management of our office, commercial, residential and shopping center projects. Habitat Hotel is in charge of the operations, including logistics and sales, making sure of high occupancy rates to generate maximum returns. Our ultimate goal is to stabilize the income of these properties that will ultimately generate a new opportunity for a potential investor.

6. Executing the project's final sale

Once our project has achieved high operating returns, we present the project to family offices, private equity firms, real estate investment trusts, and other funds to execute the project’s final sale. Our team of real estate brokers are experts in the negotiation and execution of the sale to ultimately achieve the greatest return on our investment.

Santiago Vanegas

Founder, CEO & President

Santiago Vanegas is the Founder, CEO, and
President of Habitat Group, a leading Miamibased real estate asset management firm. An economist from Universidad del Rosario, Colombia, Santiago arrived to Miami in 2000, beginning his career in the real estate industry as Financial Manager for Fortune International Group.

He founded Habitat Group in 2005, eventually expanding the firm’s portfolio to include four branches offering specialized services, including: Habitat Development, an expert in the construction and remodeling of properties; Habitat Reality, which focuses on analyzing the real estate market in search of the best properties and investment opportunities; Habitat Management, which focuses on the management of company assets; and Habitat Hotel, the hotel operations system.

Throughout his time in the industry, Santiago has worked on a number of notable projects,
including: Habitat Residence 1 & 2 located in
Brickell, Historic Miami River Hotel, Brickell Ten, the Jefferson Hotel, and Le Parc in Colombia.

Santiago has worked generate better urbanism by evolving parks and mixed-use outdoor spaces through land acquisition and assemblage. His greatest career milestones thus far include the completion of Smart Brickell and the Jefferson Hotel.

“Throughout my career, I’ve put a strong focus on developing projects that will serve a purpose beyond your average development. My goal is to provide a higher quality of living while also evoking change for residents who strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle”

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts from a variety of fields, incuding real estate, asset management, property management, hospitality, finance, marketing and architecture.

Anibal Roa

Anibal Roa

Investment Partner
Andres Felipe Roa

Andres Felipe Roa

Investment Partner
Ana Maria Velez

Ana Maria Velez

Investment Partner
Santiago Cordovez

Santiago Cordovez

Investment Partner
Ileana Alvarado

Ileana Alvarado

Finance Director
Marcel Adreani

Marcel Adreani

Owner Representative
Olga Castaño

Olga Castaño

Property Management
Margarita Chona

Margarita Chona

Account Controller
Juan Fernando Garcia

Juan Fernando Garcia

Project Manager
Judith Mercado

Judith Mercado

Marketing & Sales
Ricardo Montes

Ricardo Montes

Project Manager
Javier Motta

Javier Motta

Real Estate Broker
Valentina Perez-Cea

Valentina Perez-Cea

Development Director
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This Business unit’s expertise in the construction and remodeling of properties allows us ti ensure the success of each project. We take special care of the management process, keeping in mind quality and permanent search to improve returns. Thanks to our team of architects and engieneers, we are able to comply with execution times by
controlling and optimizing budgets.

- Project Feasibility Study
- Project Consulting and Development
- General Contractor Services
- Zoning Analysis
- Issuance & Procurement of Licenses

habitat management logo

Our Habitat Management team is in charge of the everyday management of each one of our assets. Our operational experience and abilities are key to reach the proposed financial objectives for each property.

- Integral Management of Commercial & Residential
- Consulting upon Occupancy Rates
- Assessment of the Property Value
- Integral Tenant Service Management
- Market Research
- Product Budget Management
- Property Maintenance and Inspection
- Property Financial Management Services

habitat hotel logo

Habitat Hotel is in charge of the day-to-day Hotel Operations, together with guests relations services and the management of customers experiences. We manage the development and execution of the marketing strategy in order to comply with the proposed financial objectives for the investment.

- Hotel Operations
- Third-Party Hotel Management
- Strategy for High Occupancy Rates
- Sales and Marketing Strategies
- Assessment of Rates vs. Value

habitat realty logo

Our Realty Division is in charge of permanently analyzing the real estate market in search of the best properties representing investment opportunities. Our team focuses on Miami and are specialists in specific areas such as Downtown, Brickell, Key Biscayne, and Little Havana.

- Comparative Market Analysis
- Marketing Plan
- Generation of the Property Presentation Package
- Best Use Analysis
- Search of Properties and Agenda Management
- Property Listing and Promotion within the market
- Market Analysis of the Moment in order to Optimize

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